[Update!] Overdrive NOW HAS COINS! | Roblox FE2 Map Test

Overdrive Coins

Overdrive Coins

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Hey guys! Today I will be playing Overdrive by creeperreaper487. This map dates back again to about a year ago. It was THE map back again in the day. This map got a unique update. Something that will other maps dont have, COINS!

Nice map and good update : )


【 Map Info】

Map Name: Overdrive

Map Creator: creeperreaper487

Difficulty: crazy

ID: 1161312097 — Have Fun!


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Thanks with regard to watching. Check out some of my other videos, you might like one. Anyways, see you guys next time. Bye!
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Stats and achievements As you go through the tutorial and poke around the different parts of the app, you’ll get rewarded along with coins. Likewise, as you unlock achievements, you can even get more coins.
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ID | 1161312097
still simple
Detail | 3/10
Gameplay | 6/10
Difficulty | 1/10